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If you are reading this you probably already heard about the male sex toy Fleshlight and you might be thinking about treating yourself with one. Everyday more guys become proud owner of this handy little toy, but we realize that even more guys are hesitant to buy one.

Some are hesitant because they feel awkward about getting a sex toy but why should they? Women have no problem at all buying a dildo or a vibrator, and they even share their experience with their girlfriends. For women having a sex toy is no taboo, so why should it be one for guys? That's why it's long overdue that man start using sex toys and join in on the fun.

The other thing that might be on your mind is in regards to the advertised qualities of the product. Let me tell you that although the Flesh Light does not beat a real woman, it comes as close as it's ever going to get. So far ILF has sold over 4 Million units, which makes it by far the worlds #1 selling Male Sex Toy. I think the numbers speak for themselves. No other product in existence comes even close to that. Don't wait any longer and treat yourself with this fantastic product. Get your own Fleshlight today!

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How does it work?

The demonstration shows how unbelievable soft they are and how they work. The video also gives you the skinny on how to use one and how to take care of it.

Which Fleshlight should i get?

According to ILF (the manufacturer of the Fleshlight ) 80% of their customers start out with the original pink lady Fleshlight. Although this is the toy that started it all, I have to say it is a bit of a disappointment now. The new textured and tighter inserts outclass the original Fleshlight (which is completely smooth on the inside) by a mile.

My recommendation for first time buyers is to take advantage of Fleshlight's 3 for 2 offer. You choose three sleeves of your choice and only pay for two. That way you can experience the best that ILF has to offer for a very good price. The 3 for 2 offer does not come with a case, but you can buy one separately for $17. The sleeves you should get are: Wonder Wave, Lady Speed Bump and the Vortex.

If you want to start slow and only go with one product then get the Stamina Training Unit (STU). It already comes with a case, and the sleeve texture will give you incredibly pleasure no matter what your specific preferences are. if you are going to buy one Fleshlight than this is the one to get.

ILF Product News

ILF Launches European Fleshlight Girl Carla Cox
April 14, 2012 - Posted by admin to News
ILF adds another European beauty to the Fleshlight Girls EU roster. Her name is Carla Cox and she come from the Czech Republic. She started in porn in 2006 and has been featured in over 300 sex scenes working with some of the biggest names of the industry....more
New Fleshlight Girl Tanya Tate
March 23, 2012 - Posted by admin to News
Another European stunner has been added to the Fleshlight Girls EU roster. Her name is Tanya Tate and she hails from Liverpool, England. She started her career in the adult business at the age of 30. Since 2008 she appeared in numerous adult movies and already left her mark in the Milf and Cougar niche....more
ILF releases the Fleshlight Flight
January 10, 2012 - Posted by admin to News
Fleshlight.com has announced that it will soon release a new model the Fleshlight Flight. The new Flight is sleek, compact and most importantly much more discreet than its top-selling precursors. "I'm more excited about this Fleshlight than I have been about any other,” said Brian Shubin, CEO of Fleshlight....more
Cyborg Fleshlight Vibro released
November 16, 2011 - Posted by admin to News
The Fleshlight Freaks series just got freakier. ILF upgraded the Cyborg Fleshlight with vibrating bullets. This Fleshlight Vibro has the exact same sleeve texture as the Cyborg, but it vibrates thanks to three vibrating bullets that can be inserted in three little pockets at the sides of the Cyborg....more
Fleshlight Freaks – The New Halloween Toy Line
September 22, 2011 - Posted by admin to News
Yes, Fleshlight ("The flashlight you can fuck!") has just released a new product line called Fleshlight Freaks for the Halloween season. The Freaks line include both dildos and Fleshlights: the Cyborg, the Drac, the Frankenstein, and the Zombie. All of the models have a new inner canal. In addition, thematically accom...more
Fleshlight Introduces 21 New European Fleshlight Models
September 14, 2011 - Posted by admin to News
The world’s number one men’s selling sex toy company, Fleshlight has expanded its line of Fleshlight Girls masturbators with the launch of European Fleshlight Girls. All of the models have made a name for themselves in the adult movie industry across Europe, and Fleshlight is giving you the opportunity to enjoy...more

Latest Fleshlight Reviews

Succu Dry Review
March 25, 2012 - Posted by admin to Reviews
The Succu Dry will Suck you Dry, that’s a promise. This Vampire Fleshlight comes with its own unique texture that has an eerie bite at the time of orgasm. The fang texture accompanied by firm tightness and a strong suction effect will get you off every time....more
O’Doyle’s Stout Review
March 22, 2012 - Posted by admin to Reviews
The O'Doyle's Stout is the anal Fleshlight in the Sex in a Can Series. It provides an extremely realistic anal sex simulation. It is tighter than any other anal Fleshlight. If you are into anal sex and have an average or below average penis then this is the Fleshlight for you....more
Sex in a Can Sukit Draft
March 18, 2012 - Posted by admin to Reviews
The Sex in a Can Sukit Draft is good at doing one thing, giving a great fake blow job. Its texture is similar to that of the Swallow. It has the same bumps and ribs, but is smaller in length and diameter which makes it tighter and more accessible. The Sukit delivers an awesome blowjob like sensation....more
Fleshlight Lady Lager
March 16, 2012 - Posted by admin to Reviews
The Lady Lager with the Mini-Lotus sleeve is one of the most popular Fleshlights. If you have an average penis of 6 inches or below you will love this sleeve. It provides extremely varied stimulation and feels considerably tighter than the Original Lotus....more
Fleshlight Pure
March 8, 2012 - Posted by admin to Reviews
The Fleshlight Pure delivers a truly discreet and unique Fleshlight experience. It creates a varied stimulation sensation with multiple rib textures and differing degrees of tightness inside the canal. The Pure does a great job of not over stimulating while still delivering the perfect amount of sensation....more
Fleshlight Lotus Review
March 3, 2012 - Posted by admin to Reviews
Next to the Wonder Wave the Fleshlight Lotus is ILF's most popular sleeve. It simulates the most realistic vaginal intercourse of all Fleshlights made so far! If you want to know what its like to have sex with the girl of your dreams, nothing will bring you closer than the Lotus. If it's real pussy you are looking for...more
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