Fleshlight Lady Lager

The Fleshlight Lady Lager with the Mini-Lotus sleeve is one of the most popular Fleshlights. If you have an average penis of 6 inches or below you will love this sleeve. It provides extremely varied stimulation and feels considerably tighter than the Original Lotus. The sleeve holds lube very well and the suction effect is fully adjustable.
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The SIAC Pink Lotus Lager is one of the most popular sleeves and for good reason. It features the Mini Lotus texture which is a smaller version of the successful Lotus canal of the Fleshlight Girls series. The Mini Lotus sleeve is only available in combination with the pussy orifice of the SIAC Lady Lager Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Lady Lager design: In order to fit the sleeve in the smaller SIAC casing, it has been shortened by one inch in length. Also the diameter of the canal has been slightly reduced compared to the ordinary Fleshlight.

The design of the sleeve is nearly identical to the original Lotus canal with the exception of one added chamber at the entrance and the removal of one of the four chambers in the rear. The Lotus node has been put nearly an inch closer to the entrance and is therefore more easily reachable for guy with a shorter penis.

Fleshlight experience: At first use, fucking the Lady Lager feels like penetrating a tight pussy. It’s really quite remarkable how real it feels. The stimulation is far more intense than the classic Lotus, because of the tighter canal. If you have an average penis at 6 inches (15 cm), you will now be able to reach all the rear chambers and get the full Lotus experience. The tightness in the last chambers is what really makes the Sex in Can Lady Lager feel great. It surrounds your entire cock, working it from top to bottom at all times. Overall, the canal texture provides an extremely varied stimulation.

The SIAC Lady Lager holds lube very well due to the chamber design. Once its lube up, it acts almost as a self lubrication system and generally keeps you well lubed through your FLight.

The lifelike stimulation is accompanied by a fully adjustable suction effect to meet your requirements. From very loose to extremely tight it can satisfy your every need.

Cleaning up the Lady Lager is similarly time-consuming as the original Lotus. There are a number of chambers which hold lube and cum quite well. You have to thoroughly run water through the canal. Drying time is about three hours.

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