Fleshlight Alien

The Alien Fleshlight comes in a metallic blue pearlescent color, an inviting huge alien vagina with double clitorises and an all new exclusive inner sleeve texture. The exclusive Alien texture is a mix of the Vortex, STU and Lotus sleeves. You don’t need to have an Alien or Avatar fetish to enjoy this excellent product.
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Fleshlight Alien SleeveInspired by the giant blue Aliens of Avatar, ILF designed this unique Fleshlight, and it immediately became a Top seller of the Fleshlight lineup.

At first i was hesitant about this new product. To me it seemed like they were more interested in squeezing a buck out of the current Avatar hype, than actually adding a valuable product to the line. But after reading one great review and customer testimonial after another i had to buy one and give it a test ride.

Alien Fleshlight design: The new Alien texture is a mix of the most popular textures which have proven in the past to be especially stimulating. The sleeve starts with an oval chamber, which is covered with the spiral-shaped Vortex texture. This is followed by the Lotus node, a convex-concave chamber designed in the shape of a lotus flower.

Following the Lotus node is a tight half inch wide bottleneck that leads into the main chamber. This part of the Alien Fleshlight is made with the most intense texture ILF has to offer, the Stamina Training Unit. It is filled with large sized bumps that are positioned very close to one another, forming a highly dense texture. This canal gets tighter the deeper you get, with a diameter ranging from 0.6 to 0.45.

Fleshlight experience: As previously mentioned the Alien Sleeve is a combination of three textures. Once you enter the Vortex, the thick tubes gently massage your penis and guide you through the next chamber. While passing through the Lotus Node you will notice a sudden popping sensation, which feels like brushing past a cervix.

The final chamber is where the magic is happening. It is designed after the Stamina Training Unit texture which is very tight to make you come as fast as possible. With every thrust, your head will be massaged by the bumps that made the STU such a hit, and this texture feels very good in the Alien Fleshlight.

All in all you most definitely don’t need to have an Alien or Avatar fetish to enjoy this excellent product. It’s awesome and well worth the money.

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The changing tightness of the chambers and strong suction effect of the Destroya sleeve allows for excellent and intense stimulation. The unique texture of various bumps, small ribs and fangs creates powerful sensation, which will give you a one of a kind orgasm. The Stoya Destroya is hands down the most enjoyable Fleshlight in the entire lineup off Fleshlights ILF has to offer. If you decide to buy this product you might want to pick up the swallow sleeve as well. This will give you even more variety for a couple of extra dollars.

For more infos about the Alien Fleshlight visit the Official Manufacturers Homepage:
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