Fleshlight Flight

The new Fleshlight Flight is sleek, compact and designed to be less noticeable. It is significant smaller than the original Fleshlight, and thus especially suitable for guys who are around or under six inches in length. It will provide a variety of stimulations and tightness sensations, which will give you a powerful orgasm.
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The new Flight is a sleek, compact, and refined version of the original Fleshlight. It has a discreet, yet stylish clear sleeve with an inconspicuous outer appearance to protect yourself against curious girlfriends, roommates or other people who may accidentally stumble upon your toy.

Fleshlight Flight design: The case of the Flight has a different feel and feature than its older brother. The Flight is significant smaller than the original Fleshlight. Its dimensions are similar to the Sex in a Can series. Another big difference to the old series is the decrease in diameter towards the top of the product. Contributing to the discreet factor is the clear sleeve with turbine engine orifice. These features combined make the Flight an ideal travel companion who won’t cause awkward moments during security checks.

The sleeve itself appears to be a mixture of the of the Crystal, Barracuda, and Swallow textures. The different textures are arranged like the best Fleshlights ever made, the Stoya Destroya.

The sleeve has three different chambers with various bump and fang textures. Small bumps line the entrance of the canal  that then expand into the 0.7 x 0.7 inch dome with long-stemmed bumps that point to the center of the chamber.

The entrance to the second chamber is a short, tight constriction that expands to the main chamber that starts with a small row of teeth followed by long-stemmed bumps whom protrude at a 45 degree angle to the canal entrance. The canal ends with bumps and a ribbed canal very similar to the swallow texture.

Fleshlight experience: The very first thing I noticed when I used the Flight was an improvement in the handling of the toy.  The golf ball-like texture on the case greatly improves the grip, and the new dimensions make it easier to hold in one hand.

The different textures and chamber designs inside the Fleshlight makes it so much more fun and exciting than most other sleeves. When thrusting in and out, you feel a variety of stimulations and tightness sensations, which will give you a powerful orgasm.

One of the best parts about this toy is the size of the case and the sleeve. Unlike its larger predecessors (with the exception of the Sex in a Can Series), most men are going to be able to fully enjoy every chamber no matter your size.

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