Fleshlight Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann is one of the 10 most popular Porn Stars in the world. It’s no surprise that Fleshlight added this hot Milf to its line-up of Fleshlight girls. Her signature texture is the Barracuda (see Review below), but her FL also comes with the classic Fleshlight Girls Inserts: Swallow, Forbidden and Lotus.
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Fleshlight Lisa Ann ReviewFleshlight gave the 38-year-old #1 Milf, Lisa Ann all its standard Fleshlight Girls inner sleeve textures with her molded pussy, ass and mouth as orifices. You get to choose between her mouth with the Swallow texture, her butt with the Forbidden texture and her pussy with the Lotus texture or her unique texture, Barracuda.

The Lisa Ann Barracuda Insert features two main chambers connected by a 0.4 inch wide circular constriction.

The first chamber is only 1.6 inches in length and has a diameter of 0.7 inches. The texture inside the 1st chamber is a battery of long-stemmed front facing bumps with a length of 0.4 inch. After that follows a short circular constriction which leads to the main chamber which is 5 inches in length. The texture in the 2nd chamber is the same as in the first, but the bumps face in the opposite direction.

When you first enter the Lisa Ann Fleshlight you immediately feel the front facing bumps of the first chamber. The soft and pliable bumps feel like fingertips massaging and caressing your cock as you move forward to the constriction between the chambers. There you will briefly notice a moderate tightness before you reach the main chamber which gives you a pleasurable stimulation just like the first chamber did.

All of those little bumps rubbing against your head and shaft have a very arousing feel to it. What makes this insert so special is that the bumps change directions as you side in and out, thus enhancing the massage effect and giving your cock a varied stimulation.

Cumming inside the Barracuda is a sensation you don’t want to miss. The intensity of the bumps increases as you are about to orgasm.

The Barracuda uses a lot of lube, because of the forest of bumps. Once every little bump is lubed up you won’t need to re-lube during your session. Because of the lube use cleaning up the sleeve is a little more time consuming than the average FL.

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Overall, Lisa Ann’s Barracuda Fleshlight is a solid product and a good addition to the Fleshlight Girls series. The direction changing bump texture creates an incredible pleasurable sensation which is more varied than most of the other Fleshlight Girls inserts. I put it somewhere in the Top 5 of all signature textures. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an experienced  FL user you will like this solid insert.

For more infos about the Barracuda visit the Official Manufacturers Homepage:
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