Fleshlight Lotus Review

Next to the Wonder Wave the Fleshlight Lotus is ILF’s most popular sleeve. It simulates the most realistic vaginal intercourse of all Fleshlights made so far! If you want to know what its like to have sex with the girl of your dreams, nothing will bring you closer than the Lotus. If it’s real pussy you are looking for then this sleeve is what you want and you won’t regret buying it.
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Fleshlight Lotus ReviewNext to the Wonder Wave the Fleshlight Lotus is ILF’s most popular sleeve. It was first introduced to the market as the canal texture for the Fleshlight Girls series. Although now all the FL Girls come with their own signature texture, the Lotus is still available for the entire FL Girls lineup.

The Lotus begins with a smooth 0.45 inch ultra tight entrance, then continues into a slightly wider canal, exactly like its human counterpart.

This is followed by the Lotus node, a convex-concave chamber that adds to the complex fantasy as it simulates the subtle sensation of brushing the cervix.

The canal ends with four tightly spaced chambers which are connected by tight entries, built to provide the most sensitive part of your cock with continued intense sensations.

I was a little apprehensive with the Lotus. The design looked like it would feel rough. However nothing could be further from the truth. This sleeve gives realistic stimulation just like real pussy. Especially the Lotus node adds the subtle sensation of brushing the cervix.

Unfortunately, the four rear chambers of the Lotus canal can only be reached by men with a penis size larger than 5.9 inches (15 cm). But even if you can’t reach them, they still provide a fantastic suction effect, which intensifies the Lotus stimulation.

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