Fleshlight Pure

The Fleshlight Pure delivers a truly discreet and unique Fleshlight experience. It creates a varied stimulation sensation with multiple rib textures and differing degrees of tightness inside the canal. The Pure does a great job of not over stimulating while still delivering the perfect amount of sensation.
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Fleshlight Pure ReviewThe Fleshlight Pure is the successor of the Stealth orifice. Instead of just replacing the orifice, ILF has created a an entirely new Fleshlight, the Pure.

The orifice was designed to be both smooth and have an inconspicuous outer appearance to protect yourself against curious girlfriends, roommates, maids or other people who may accidentally stumble upon your toy. Also, you will finally be able to take your Fleshlight with you on a plane without having an awkward moment during the security check.

Fleshlight Pure design: The design brings the texture as close to the front of the entrance as possible and therefore results in more stimulation on your shaft.

The canal tightens the deeper you stroke to add increased sensations on your cock head. The texture itself has three different kinds of ribs that are pointed and produce strong sensations on your head and shaft. The texture, towards the entrance, has a widley spaced zig-zag rib pattern, which is followed by a dense cross-rib texture similar to the Super Ribbed texture  which gets progressively tighter. The rest of the canal is a wider wave texture similar to the Love Humps Fleshlight, which, depending upon your length, you may not be able to enjoy all of the ridges.

Fleshlight experience: During use, the Fleshlight Pure feels great! The different rib textures rub sensually against your head and shaft without being too extreme or having too much texture. The stimulation intensity increases the further you get into the sleeve because of the narrowing design.

Lube use was about average. The rib textures hold lube well and the open  canal allows the lube to spread around easily.

Cleanup of the Pure was comparatively easy. Some residue gets trapped between the ribs, but the wide entrance makes it easy to get inside to clean

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