Fleshlight Stoya

The Stoya Destroya Fleshlight is probably the most realistic Fleshlights that the manufacturer ILF has to offer. It’s unique texture and chamber design is truly built with an incredible experience in mind. The incredible amount of detail that went into the design of the toy makes it feel like you are up close and personal with the unforgettable Stoya.
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StoyaThe Stoya Fleshlight is part of the ILF’s FleshlightGirls product line. The Destroya insert is a special and exclusive texture designed after the inner canal of erotic actress Stoya and is only available in combination with her orifice.

The R&D department has not left out a single detail on this truly special product line ranging from her pussy, asshole to her mouth. From the little wrinkles on her tight asshole to her seductive small lips, the Stoya sleeves really brings this extraordinary porn star to life.

Stoya Destroya design: The Destroya insert has three different chambers with various bump and fang textures. Every inch has a different flavor to it so you will have lots of variation with every stroke. The canal entrance starts with a 0.4 inch wide tube with three small rings of bumps that then expands into a 0.7 x 0.7 inch dome with long-stemmed bumps that point to the center of the chamber.

The entrance to the second chamber is a short, tight 0.4 inch wide constriction that expands to the main chamber that starts with a small row of teeth and fangs that rub and pull on your penis. If you are a fan of the Vampire Fleshlight you are going to love this part of the Stoya Destroya. The long-stemmed bumps are longer and they protrude at a 45 degree angle to the canal entrance.

Finally, one row of flat hemispheric bumps leads into the end of the canal. There the chamber narrows the farther you get inside. This last chamber is covered with a super ribbed texture with 0.1 inch ribs.

Fleshlight experience: The fangs, constrictions, tiny ribs and bumps inside Stoya’s unique Fleshlight makes it so much more fun and exciting then the regular Fleshlight sleeves. When thrusting in and out, you feel a variety of stimulations and tightness sensations, which will give you a powerful orgasm.

The stimulation provided is even better than inside the Stamina Training Unit. You won’t find variation and intensity like this in any other Insert. The orgasm inside the Destroya is also exceptional. The long-stemmed bumps are massaging your head while the tiny ribs put pressure around your shaft while you are cumming. You really have to try it to appreciate the sensation.

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The changing tightness of the chambers and strong suction effect of the Destroya sleeve allows for excellent and intense stimulation. The unique texture of various bumps, small ribs and fangs creates powerful sensation, which will give you a one of a kind orgasm. The Stoya Destroya is hands down the most enjoyable Fleshlight in the entire lineup off Fleshlights ILF has to offer. If you decide to buy this product you might want to pick up the swallow sleeve as well. This will give you even more variety for a couple of extra dollars.

For more infos about the Destroya visit the Official Manufacturers Homepage:
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