Fleshlight Super Ribbed

The Super Ribbed texture packs dozens of soft ribs tightly together, making this one of the most intense Fleshlights you can buy. The dense ribbed texture applies constant stimulation to your cock and feels like hundreds of little fingertips caressing your cock as you glide in and out. Try it yourself, you are going to have some very intense fun.
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Fleshlight Super Ribbed ReviewThe Super Ribbed Insert is designed to maximize stimulation. The texture is similar to the Wonder Wave, but instead of leaving space between the ribs it packs dozens of soft ribs tightly together leaving barely any room between them. That’s why this sleeve is one of the most intense you can buy.

This dense texture extends throughout the entire canal which is about 0.5 to 0.6 inches in diameter.

This insert is as intense as they come! The concentrated ribbed texture applies constant stimulation to your cock and makes for a hell of a ride as you play with the Fleshlight. The soft ribs feel like hundreds of fingertips massaging your head and shaft as you glide in and out.

The video below gives you a close look inside the Super Ribbed sleeve.

Just like the Wonder Wave Insert I prefer decreasing suction by removing the cap. You can also regulate the intensity of the ribbed texture by applying more or less lube.

Clean up of this insert is fast, because the ribs are not very deep. Drying time is reasonable as well.

The Fleshlight Super Ribbed is an outstanding insert which every Fleshlight Enthusiast should have. If you decide to go for the 3 for 2 package you most definitely should include this sleeve, you will be thoroughly delighted.

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