Fleshlight Ultra Tight

The Ultra Tight sleeve produces an intense tight stimulation, which closely simulates anal sex. This sleeve is designed for men who prefer tight penetration. The Ultra Tight is often bought in combination with the "Pink Butt" orifice to simulate Anal Sex. If you like it tight, you will love this insert.
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Fleshlight Super Tight ReviewThe Ultra Tight Fleshlight lives up to its name, it really is ultra tight!

The sleeve features a smooth, non textured 1/4 inch canal. This sleeve is designed for men who prefer tight penetration or man with below average girth. Average sized men will also enjoy this Insert. ILF’s patented Super Skin material is incredibly soft and elastic, and will expand accordingly during penetration. With the application of lube there will be no friction problems.

As mentioned before the Ultra Tight is extremely narrow. Behind the canal opening is a 0.6 inch wide chamber which leads into a 0.4 inch tight canal. At the end of the insert are two larger air chambers that are not meant for penetration, but provide additional air to increase the suction effect. Despite the additional air chambers the suction effect of this Fleshlight is barely noticeable.

The Super Tight Fleshlight needs a lot of lube to keep your Johnson happy. With the canal being smooth you push the lube to the end of the sleeve with every thrust.

The cleanup is swift because of the smooth canal walls. Drying time is a bit above average due to the tightness of the Insert.

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