Fleshlight Jenna Haze

Fleshlight added Jenna Haze, the dirtiest girl in porn, to the Fleshlight Girls product line. Because of her celebrity status Jenna was the first girl ever to get all three of her orifices molded. The Jenna Haze Fleshlights include her pussy with the Lotus or her signature texture Maze, her mouth with the Swallow texture and her ass with the Forbidden texture.
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Fleshlight Jenna Haze ReviewThe unique looking Maze sleeve offers an intense texture filled with blocks that alternate being on the top or bottom.

The blocks are rather prominent in size. When you look down the Insert, you can’t see all the way through because the blocks are overlapping (Check out the video below and see for yourself). The inner canal has a width of 0.45 inches and smooth non textured side walls.

This aggressive texture makes this Fleshlight NOT a subtle insert by any means, this is one texture that you really feel when you slide your cock in and out. The Maze canal provides a slightly rough stimulation.

When your head hits a block you need to apply a little extra pressure to break through until you hit the next one. Because of the design of the sleeve you can get a different sensation by turning the Fleshlight 90 degrees, to either stimulate the top and bottom of your penis or the sides.

Lube use with the Maze is within the norm. The lubricant gets trapped between the walls and remains there while you are sliding in and out. The cleanup of the Maze sleeve takes more time than the average FL because residue collects in the edges of the texture. You have to turn it inside out to get it squeaky clean.

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Overall Jena Haze’s Maze offers an intense stimulation unlike any other sleeve in ILF’s line up. Personally I am a big fan of Jenna Haze, but the Maze is too harsh for my liking. If you are a first time user you should consider choosing the classic lotus sleeve with her pussy orifice. If you are a more experienced FL user, and feel that other textures are to tame for you, or you want to extend your Fleshlight collection with an unique stimulation than this might be the FL for you.

For more infos about the Maze visit the Official Manufacturers Homepage:
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