Sex in a Can Review

Due to the smaller design the Sex In A Can is favored by less endowed men and by men who are well rehearsed with the ordinary Fleshlight and are looking for something tighter. With the SIAC series of Fleshlights you will experience every texture to its fullest. They are cheap, tight and easy to clean!

The Sex In A Can product line is a lighter, smaller version of the Fleshlight. The regular Fleshlight is about 9.8 inches (25 cm) and the SIAC’s (SexInACan) are around 7 inches (18 cm) in length. It’s also smaller in diameter. Instead of the regular 3.9 inches (10 cm) the can measures 2.8 inches (7 cm). The inside canal is a 1/2" (13 mm). Not only is the insert tighter, but the orifice is smaller as well.

The insert is made of the soft, pliable Real Feel Super Skin material that has been designed to provide the most realistic intercourse simulation. The case of the masturbators are not shaped like a flashlight but like an ordinary beer can.

Just like the original Fleshlight, the SIAC has two caps on the front and back. The front cap is designed to hide and protect the orifice, while the cap in the back regulates the vacuum inside the sleeve.

The Sex-in-a-Can models comes in four variations. They all got unique orifices and sleeve textures. You can choose between the ass, the blowjob mouth, the vagina and the Vampire model.:

Due to the smaller design the SIAC is favored by less endowed men and by men who are well rehearsed with the full size Fleshlight and are looking for something tighter. Most sleeves available at Fleshlight are oversized to fit even well endowed men. That’s why a lot of guys can’t reach the rear chambers of most textures. Take the Lotus insert for instance – you have to measure at least 6 inches just to enter the chambers after the lotus note, and eight inches to enjoy it to the fullest. That’s why the SIAC has been designed. Explore the last chambers of the Swallow, dive into the rear chambers of the Lotus with this exciting line of masturbators.

Another advantage of the SIAC is that it can easily be controlled with just one hand and it’s decreased weight makes it easier to hold for long periods of time.

At $40 a piece the SIAC models are 50% cheaper than the original Fleshlight, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t live up to the quality standards of ILF.

Test Results

After thoroughly testing all the models presents you the following ranking:

For more infos about the Sex in a Can Series visit the Manufacturers Homepage:
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