Sex in a Can Sukit Draft

The Sex in a Can Sukit Draft is good at doing one thing, giving a great fake blow job. Its texture is similar to that of the Swallow. It has the same bumps and ribs, but is smaller in length and diameter which makes it tighter and more accessible. The Sukit does not have the most intense texture, but it certainly delivers an awesome blowjob like sensation.
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The Sukit Draft is the blowjob masturbator in the "Sex in a Can" series. This ten inch tall Fleshlight features the Mini Swallow Texture which is just a smaller version of the Swallow canal of the Fleshlight Girls series. The orifice for this Fleshlight is the mouth which simulates oral sex.

Fleshlight Sukit Draft design: The texture design of the Sukit Draft canal is similar to that of the Swallow. Only difference is that the length of the main chamber is 0.9 inch shorter. The inner diameter is 0.6 – 0.8 inches inside the main chamber and 0.4 inch inside the rear part of the sleeve.

The ordinary Swallow Fleshlight is amazing and I had similar high hopes for the Mini. To my surprise the Mini-Swallow even tops its big brother.

The orifice of the Mini Swallow is tighter than most of Fleshlights orifices. Immediately after the entrance you get to a ring of  rectangular-shaped bumps. The texture of the main chamber consists of densely packed cross-ribs which lead to a larger chamber covered with six wide and flat bumps. The final canal of the sleeve is 0.4 inch tight and completely smooth.

Fleshlight experience: For the average penis, you’ll experience very little of the smooth, flat texture in the rear of the Sukit Draft, but you will experience all of the ridges and bumps that make this sleeve so special and interesting.

Personally, I like the dimensions of the Mini Swallow a lot. The canal is tight enough to provide pressure on the head while still being loose enough to glide from chamber to chamber comfortably. Although its diameter is similar to the Original Swallow, it still feels tighter because the walls of the sleeve can’t expand as much. I also like the tight orifice which makes insertion very enjoyable.

When using the Sukit Draft the most prominent part of the texture are the ribs in the main chamber. As you thrust back and forth, the rings, cross-ribs and rear canal deliver a highly pleasurable sensation which lead to a strong orgasm every time.

The Mini Swallow provides an intense suction effect, so much that if the top is fully sealed, you will be stuck inside. You can fully adjust the suction to meet your requirements.

Lube use in the Sukit was about average. The ribs hold the lube in place, and you can finish your FLight without re-lubing.

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