Succu Dry Review

The Succu Dry will Suck you Dry, that’s a promise. This Vampire Fleshlight comes with its own unique texture that has an eerie bite at the time of orgasm. The fang texture accompanied by firm tightness and a strong suction effect will get you off every time. This Sex in a Can model is definitely a highlight of the series.
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So what would it feel like if a sexy vampire would polish your cock? Well the guys over at ILF tried to answer that question and came up with a Vampire Fleshlight. It’s called the Succu Dry and is part of the Sex in a Can Series. It was released as part of a Halloween special, but the demand for this exceptional toy was so strong that ILF decided to add this novelty to their standard lineup.

Fleshlight Succu Dry design: ILF developed a special vampire mouth orifice and a brand new inner texture for the Succu Dry called “The Fang”. The Vampire mouth does not look inviting with its big fangs, but rest assured the the Succu Dry does not bite and ILF’s patented Real Feel Super Skin material is silky-soft.

The inner canal of the Succu Dry has a diameter of 0.7 inches, which make it the widest canal in the Sex in a Can series. The texture basically has a bunch of tiny little bumps on the inside that are pointed like small fangs and protrude at a 90 degree angle into the canal.

Like other Fleshlights, the pressure inside the toy can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the cap on the end on top. Having it too tight or too loose will cause some noise during use, but there’s a happy medium in the middle that is acceptable quiet.

Fleshlight experience: The first thing you will notice when you enter the texture are the fangs, that will appear at first and then subside as you begin to stroke. They are still there, but far more subtle than at the first couple of strokes.

Like with most models of the Sex in a Can Series, this Vampire Fleshlight has a strong suction effect as well.

The most surprising effect of the Succu texture is, that when you get close to climax, all of the sudden the little fangs come back and roughly massage your cock until you spilled every last drop.

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