Tera Patrick Fleshlight

Tera Patrick Fleshlight the Twista features a single ring that twists down the entire length of the canal, and gets tighter the deeper you thrust into it. The Insert has a noticeable suction effect which underlines the Tera Patrick experience. Overall, the Twista is an excellent Insert which easily makes it in the Top 5 of all Fleshlight Girls.
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Fleshlight Tera Patrick ReviewIt was only a question of time until ILF come out with a Fleshlight of Porn Super Star Tera Patrick. If you pick the lovely Tera than you get to choose between her pussy, mouth or ass. All of these orifices are molded off straight from Tera’s tasty body, so i guess this will be as close as you and i will ever get to the real thing.

Given the status of Tera Patrick in the porn biz, it’s no surprise that the Fleshlight crew designed a signature texture just for her called Twista. Besides the Twista you get to choose between three other Inserts, the Lotus for her pussy, the Swallow for her mouth and the Forbidden for her ass.

The design of the Twista is similar to the Wonder Wave, but with a twist. The sleeve features a single ring that twists down the entire length of the canal, and gets tighter the deeper you thrust into it.

The Twista belongs to the widest inserts as well as to the tightest because of the cone shaped form of the sleeve. The Canal starts at 0.5 inch widens to 1 inch in the first quarter, and then narrows down to 0.25 inch at the end.

Watch the video of Tera Patrick playing with her Fleshlight!

The Twista is made of the patented Real Feel Super Skin and feels incredible soft and real. The vortex shaped twist inside the sleeve makes for an excellent penetration and gets tighter and more intense the deeper you get. You can feel the twisting sensation especially on your head producing an excellent stimulation.

Compared to other textures the Twista might not look like much but the feeling is incredible. The closer you get to climax the more sensitive your cock gets and this makes the Twista feel even better.

Cleaning the Tera Patrick Fleshlight is simple. Just rinse it out with warm water, it does not need anything more. Also the drying time is well within the norm.

If you are into Tera then you’re going to love her Fleshlight.

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