Tori Black Fleshlight Torrid

The Torrid sleeve is the exclusive inner texture of Fleshlight Girl Tori Black. You can only buy it in combination with her pussy orifice. Tori Black’s Fleshlight is also available with Anal and Mouth orifices, and you get to pick from four different textures (Forbidden, Swallow, Lotus and Torrid).
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Fleshlight Tori Black Torrid textureFleshlight went all out on Tori Black. They molded her pussy, mouth and ass. Her ass comes with the Forbidden texture, her mouth with the Swallow texture and her pussy is available with the Lotus texture or her signature texture, Torrid, which is going to be the focus of this review.

Torrid design: Tori Black’s Torrid Sleeve has five equally-sized chambers, each covered with different spikes, bumps and fangs. The chambers are divided by a ring of flaps which, when your penis goes through, flap open and press against the side walls.

With a diameter of 0.4in, the Torrid entrance is very tight. Every following chamber is 1.3 inches in length and approximately 0.6 inches wide. The first chamber is filled with small sized bumps, followed by a chamber with larger bumps similar to the Speed Bump Sleeve. The texture in the third and fifth chamber is designed with large disc-shaped bumps. Inside the fourth chamber are rounded cube-shaped bumps.

The biggest difference between Tori Black’s Torrid Fleshlight and most other sleeves, is that the Torrid is tighter. If you don’t have a porn star sized dick it’s harder to enjoy textures like the Lotus to the fullest. The Tori Black Fleshlight is a great choice for guys that enjoy tighter sleeves like the STU or Vortex.

The video below gives you a close look inside Tori Black’s Fleshlight.

Flashlight experience: When entering the Torrid canal you feel a distinctive tightness sensation. The canal widens in the first chamber and the cube-shaped bumps will give you a subtle and pointed stimulation. The textures in the second and third chamber provide subtle pointed sensations that are not overly intense.

The four rings of flaps that are in-between the chambers add variety to the Torrid. Sliding in and out of the sleeve, opening and closing the flaps adds a nice flavor to the experience.

Cleaning the Torrid is relatively tedious. There are a lot of protrusions with this insert that lube and sperm can get stuck in. Running warm water through both ends usually does the trick. If need be, you can briefly turn the Sleeve inside out and then clean the chambers separately.

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I find the Tori Black Torrid Fleshlight to be a solid product, but not particularly impressive. The penetration sensation and variety places this Fleshlight somewhere in the middle of the Flashlight family of products. I find the feeling of this Insert to be a bit on the subtle side, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you prefer longer sessions and slower orgasm build ups, then that’s the Fleshlight you should get.

For more infos and options about the Fleshlight Tori Black visit the Official Manufacturers Homepage:
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